Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

In Brevard County, FTZ No. 136 encompasses more than 4,000 acres and offers significant benefits for many types of businesses that import a considerable amount of goods. The City of Cocoa has designated General Purpose site of nearly 24 acres of Foreign Trade Zone at Tate Industrial Park.

Please Note: Your business does not need to be located at Cocoa's Tate Industrial Park or at Port Canaveral in order to take advantage of the FTZ benefits. If you are interested in learning more about benefits of FTZ, contact the Office of Economic Development for more information at 321-433-8522 or via email.


A FTZ provides special customs procedures to U.S. businesses engaged in international trade-related activities. Duty-free treatment is accorded to items that are processed in FTZs and then re-exported, and duty payment is deferred on items until they are brought out of the FTZ for sale in the U.S. market. This helps to offset customs advantages available to overseas producers who compete with domestic industry. A variety of activities can be conducted in a zone, including assembling, packaging, destroying, storing, cleaning, exhibiting, re-packing, distributing, sorting, grading, testing, labeling, repairing, combining with foreign or domestic content, or processing.

FTZs are considered to be outside of U.S. Customs Territory for the purpose of customs duty payment. Therefore, goods entering FTZs are not subject to customs tariffs until the goods leave the zone and are formally entered into U.S. Customs Territory. Merchandise that is shipped to foreign countries from FTZs is exempt from duty payments. This provision is especially useful to businesses that import components in order to manufacture finished products for export. There is no time limit on goods stored inside a FTZ and certain foreign and domestic merchandise held in FTZs may be exempted from state and local inventory taxes. This allows firms to minimize their costs while their products are waiting to be shipped.

More Information

For more information on how a business can benefit from the FTZ program, contact the Office of Economic Development at 321-433-8522 or send an email.