Small Business Assistance Program

Public Right-of-Way Infrastructure Improvements

The Small Business Assistance Program is a 50/50 matching grant program that assists qualified new and expanding businesses with costs related to non-utility related improvements in the public right-of-way to include new installation, repair, replacement, or relocation of the following:
  • Curbing
  • Gutters
  • Landscaping
  • Sidewalks
  • Street lighting
  • Streets
  • Traffic signalization
  • Other Right-of-Way Improvements Approved by the City Manager on a Case-by-Case Basis

Workforce Skills Training

In addition, the Program will enable eligible small businesses to obtain a matching grant for the purposes of industry specific certification and other workforce skills related training that promotes or enhances the business's ability to provide quality services and goods. Restaurants and retail establishments are not eligible for the workforce skills training grant. Eligible businesses must not be eligible for grant funding under State or Federal workforce programs. Costs related to the training or re-education of new and existing employees include:
  • Instructor salary
  • Reasonable and necessary travel related to receiving training/education
  • Rental of facility owned by City of Cocoa
  • Text books and manuals
  • Tuition
  • All other costs related to training may be evaluated and approved by the City on a case-by-case basis


In order for a business to be eligible for consideration of a grant under this program, the business must:
  • Be authorized to do business under the laws of Florida for-profit
  • Be located within Coca City Limits and have a physical, commercial street address
  • Employ at least 5 full-time (or full-time equivalent) employees within the City of Cocoa.
  • Provide good paying professional and other kinds of high-skilled jobs, such as but not limited to identified State qualified target industries
  • Satisfy the small business size standards under the Small Business Act


Eligible businesses must complete the Economic Incentive Application (PDF) and submit to the Office of Economic Development via email or in person at Cocoa City Hall, Attention:
Office of Economic Development
65 Stone Street
Cocoa, FL 32922