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Business Spotlight

Mar 26

Candy Affair Candy Boutique

Posted on March 26, 2021 at 2:23 PM by Rachel Horst

Candy Affair Candy Boutique ownersAre you more of a chocolate person, or do you prefer gummies? How about a mix of hard candies, or truffles, or fudge? Whatever your candy preference, you are bound to
find a match among the diverse selection of confectionaries at Candy Affair Candy Boutique. Local residents, Erica and Nelson Ross, opened this cheerful shop where colorful retro and new
candies appeal as much to adults as children.

Do not be fooled by its relatively compact size; you can spend time perusing the sweets in this candy boutique. This fun shop is located at 218 Brevard Ave, tucked into a street level shop in
the Bel Air Courtyard in Cocoa Village, right next door to Café Margaux. The owners have carefully selected gourmet confections to please a variety of palates. With a big smile,
Erica explains, “that some of their best sellers are the large gummy bears on a stick, the chocolate covered potato chips and the kids novelty candy.” Yes, with old-fashioned
confections like candy buttons, Clark Bars and wax lips chewing gum the store is sure to kick up a burst of childhood nostalgia.

“What a fun place to take kids!” said one of their five star reviewers. The seemingly endless assortment of fresh colorful bulk sweets create an intoxicating scent in the Candy Affair
while providing endless options for children to mix the perfect bag to go.

Erica and Nelson also provide candy and candy buffets for parties, weddings and events. The options are endless; as they carry, candy cigars for that baby reveal party or platters of
truffles for any soiree.

The Candy Affair Candy Boutique is an excellent choice for all ages regardless of your preference for sweets! Visit Erica and Nelson at 218 Brevard Ave, between 11 AM and 8 PM Tuesday through Saturday and Sundays 11 AM to 6 PM.

Visit the Candy Affair Candy Boutique website, Facebook page, or give them a call at 321-543-0504.
Dec 17

Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Posted on December 17, 2020 at 9:21 AM by Rachel Horst

Krispy Krunchy Chicken
Walking into Krispy Krunchy Chicken, you are immediately met with the savory scent of comfort food, from collard greens and macaroni and cheese to fried chicken and more, there is something for everyone on the extensive menu. The restaurant started as a dream on a goals bulletin board and four years later became a reality for Antonio and Tonya Love??
in 2013.
Over the last seven years, the Lovetts have developed a loyal following for the restaurant and assembled a staff that shares their love for the community. Antonio spends most of his time
at the restaurant, Tonya explains, “my husband works morning to evening, from nine in the morning to eleven o'clock at night, so we don't get much family time,” which is why the Lovetts
have come to think of all their loyal customers and staff as an extension of their family.
When COVID19 hit in the spring of 2020, the Lovetts had to make some changes to their services, adding delivery options like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash to their offerings. In
addition, installing a drive-thru window for those unwilling or unable to come into the restaurant has helped to diversify dining choices for their customers.
After encountering the Krispy Krunchy Chicken franchise on a trip to South Florida over ten years ago, Antonio got the idea to open his own. After four years of planning, this dream now
looks like the successful establishment located on Dixon Blvd. The restaurant is open from 5 am until 11 pm every day, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options. He hopes to continue growing his business by opening more locations in Brevard County.
If you're in the area, stop by Krispy Krunchy Chicken for a bite and great conversation. You may even catch a dancing chicken showing off her best moves promoting the business. If you
enjoy the Cajun flavor of the fare, you can even purchase your own seasoning to flavor your home cooking. You can visit the Lovetts at Krispy Krunchy Chicken located at 934 Dixon Blvd. in Cocoa.
Oct 28

Beef O'Brady's - Cocoa

Posted on October 28, 2020 at 10:41 AM by Rachel Horst

Sean O'Reilly in front of Beef O'Brady's bar
Building a family of repeat customers, being able to flow with change and creating relational bonds has been the key to Sean O'Reilly's success at Beef O'Brady's located at Cocoa Commons, 2301 Hwy 524, Cocoa. Beef O'Brady's is a Florida restaurant franchise offering 'good food and good sports.' The Cocoa location has an Irish pub feel, accented with 45 or more TV's.
Sean O'Reilly, the owner of Beef O'Brady's at Cocoa Commons, emphasizes, “For any small restaurant business to be successful, it must be built on repeat customers or basically an extended family.” He and his staff know many customers by name and during these trying times customers would reach out via phone and text and have continued to be regulars by ordering takeout frequently. Sean was also very fortunate to keep his staff working through the downturn, which he notes, “has made ramping back up much easier.”
Flowing with change has also been one of the keys to the success of Beef O'Brady's over that last 14 years. The ability to be flexible and creative over the last 5 months has been magnified with the challenges of COVID. Forced closures, CDC guidelines, limited or nonexistent food
products, rising prices, and limited supplies are just a few of the items that Sean has approached confidently and collectedly. He was the first to offer expanded outdoor seating in Cocoa and was instrumental in helping to set the standard for the COVID Outdoor Dining Code
implemented by the City. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 9 PM every day and the staff prepare 40 to 50% of the meals for takeout orders, which is well beyond the norm prior to COVID changes. He also capitalized on the limited indoor customer base by using the time to make upgrades to the bar top, flooring and kitchen equipment.
You can hear the pride in Sean's voice as he discusses his biggest key to success. His list is long and varied as he names the organizations that have received his charitable acts. Cocoa High School; the three Cocoa Fire Departments and a few more in Brevard County; liittle league; the 911 Center at the Sheriff's Department; doctors' offices; soccer, basketball, wrestling, track, and football teams; Saturn Elementary; and many more. He expressed, “Supporting the greater community through philanthropic activities and adopting strong bonds change over the years. You have to support the people who support you.”
Head out to Cocoa Commons to support Beef O' Brady's because the odds are good that you will be a repeat customer who will be supported by 'good food and good sports' and inevitably the goodwill of the restaurant. One of Beef O'Brady's slogans is “Every Neighborhood
Should Have One” and Cocoa is lucky to be one of those neighborhoods! Beef O' Brady's take out number is 321-637-1133 or order online at the Beef O'Brady's website and indoor seating is available too.