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Mar 15

July 2021 - Save A Lot Food Store

Posted on March 15, 2023 at 8:52 AM by Samantha Senger

Mark and Mike MedearisIn April 2021, the Cocoa Save A Lot was forced to close its doors. Being one of two grocery stores along the Dixon Blvd. corridor to close within that same month, the City of Cocoa jumped into action to work with the owners of the Save A Lot store to keep them providing an integral

staple of nutritious food for our community. With the partnership in place and partnerships with other Cocoa businesses as well, this beloved store was able to reopen for business on May 26, 2021.

Michael Medearis, owner of the Cocoa store, started with Save A Lot as a Warehouse Manager, progressing through the company to Division Manager of the Southeast of the United States. He knew the grocery business and wanted to manage all aspects by buying a few stores for himself. In May of 2008, he made this happen by buying the Cocoa and Melbourne stores. Throughout the years, Michael has mentored his sons with all of his expertise. Mark Medearis, one of Michael’s son's, is an integral part of the Save A Lot in Cocoa.

Both Michael and Mark are pleased to be able to reopen and provide needed products to the community. Micheal Medearis points out, “many of the customers have been shopping at Save A Lot since I took over ownership in 2008.” Mark Medearis also adds that, “Our customers like a great deal and they keep coming back because we try to tailor our products to their needs.”

Victor Corado, Save A Lot Butcher Apprentice, has been working at the store for two years and is part of the local staff that was so grateful to be able to return to their jobs. Victor is proud to be reopening, “I hope this turns out well because these customers need the store in this location.”

The store reopening has been made possible by the work of many in the community. The Celebration Tabernacle Church owns the plaza and was very instrumental in notifying the City of the need for the store. They have been gracious with the financial constraints of Save A Lot

and by working together, hope that Save A Lot is here for years to come. Dittmer Air and Heat, another Cocoa Company, worked diligently to provide HVAC and refrigeration services needed to open Save A Lot. Jessica Dittmer, Sales Manager with Dittmer Air and Heat, was glad they could help and wish the store the best because as a local company made up of Cocoa residents they understand its importance.

As citizens of Cocoa, we are all part of the future success of Save A Lot. City Council started this project with much needed support and funding. Save A Lot rose to the challenge, businesses like Celebration Tabernacle Church and Dittmer Air and Heat were instrumental in the execution, and now it is up to all of us to keep this community store thriving in our community.